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Welcome to the R&D statistics bank

Last update January 2019.

Key figures for research institutes

On this page you can find statistics for research institutes that are subject to the state guidelines for basic funding. In 2017 the number of institutes was 45 (49 units), which are grouped according to the following four competition venues, social sciences, environmental, primary and technical and industrial institutes. In the directory Indicators for research institutes a set of tables which is the basis for the calculation of basic core funding, can be found. The other tables corresponds to the table sets that can be found in the Research Council reports. The following tables can be found here:

  • Indicators for research institutes
    • Publication points
    • Awarded doctoral degrees
    • National commision income
    • Commision incom from abroad
  • Scientific publications
  • Personnel (FTE)
  • Current income by category of funds
  • Commision income by source of funds
  • Result
  • Guideline for questionary

In addition you can read more about the reseach insitutes here. Reports are available here (only in Norwegian).

How to use the R&D statistics bank:

Selcect your table from the meny on the left hand side. In the menubar above the table, you can choose to present the data as table or chart. The data can be exportet to Excel or pdf, and the spesific link to you table can be saved. Every table have more dimensions than shown in the default view and you can tailor your own table by changing rows and coloms and filtering data. See how this can be done in the helpsite.

Kristoffer Rørstad is project manager for www.foustatistikkbanken.no

If you've got question about the statistics, please contact Kristoffer Rørstad Bo Sarpebakken

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